Save Bets in Online Roulette

Although the house has an edge in online roulette, as in all games, there are specific moves which will save you a few bets during game play. These bets can lower the house edge and give you a higher winning percentage. Since there are several betting patterns found in the game, players can break the monotony by switching to different wagers. The benefit is the various patterns offer similar house edges.

The Simple Patterns

The simplest patterns are betting on a single spot, betting on a color, or wagering on a column. In this case, the player simply places a bet on one area of the board and waits for the results. There is usually no strategy in these bets as the player is wagering based on a feeling.

More Complicated Patterns

Most players prefer to engage in more complicated betting patterns. Some wager on the digits in their telephone number. These are a combination of simple patterns that extend coverage to many numbers. Also, they are neighbor bets to win in many areas.

Saving Bets

Online roulette games offer a way for players to save bets. Online gaming software providers offer different variants of Roulette with different bet-saving procedures. One example is offered by Microgaming Software. The player must first go into expert mode by click the EXPERT button. The bottom toolbar will display eight numbered buttons. By click the EDIT button, the player will be transported to the bet-saving area. Click GET TABLE BETS to transfer a current wager to this layout. If the player wants to place a $1 wager on their 10-digit phone number, they place the bet on the numbers and click SAVE LAYOUT. Clicking the NEXT button will reveal an updated layout. For neighbor bets, simply click the button next to the number of neighbors they want to select. Then click ADD TO LAYOUT and choose a denomination. This betting pattern can then be saved. To return to the action, click BACK TO GAME. Microgaming software allows many features, such as saving a bet, not found with several other online software providers. This method will allow the player to save betting templates for later use which can give you a better edge once you develop specific patterns. This is a feature that more software providers should add to their software. It is an extremely helpful function for the player throughout the game.



Separating Professionals from Amateur Players

Most of you would ask how you could become an excellent poker player. There are many ways on how to learn different tricks and techniques about this game. You can read articles found online or you can order books that tackle this popular card game. If you are still having a hard time picturing out these reading materials then why not watch a poker game. When asked, these professional poker players often answer that you need to have patience and confidence in order to win. Even without hearing this, you will still figure out what these people have that pushed them at the top of the ranks. Watching a poker game can really help you because they are doing all the gaming styles, they have perfected right in front of your very own eyes. All that is left for you to do is watch them intently and remember all the things they are doing while they are playing.

How To Know If You Are A Professional?

Sometimes you can also see players that are just bluffing. Well, if you have a big heart and enough cash to spend then why not. You will realize that folding is not the best strategy even if your cards have a low chance of winning. Just look what other players in High Stakes Poker do, they bluff the other players and sometimes they can get away with it. You need to do so that you are not being too predictable and easy for them to read. Doing this can benefit you but not all the time. Another thing that separates professionals from amateur players is their capacity to execute their game plan. You will notice that these players are acting based from their instincts or they act according to what they have planned. Since there are many things that can happen in the table, they might encounter problems and cannot use the strategies they have already planned of using beforehand. That is the time you should base your actions according to your instinct. Do not let other players intimidate you. Just focus on your cards and use good judgment before you do anything.

Difference Between Professional And Nonprofessional

You must study to get the necessary information and techniques you need before entering a poker game. This can help you in your career as a poker player. You will see every player’s strategies and you’ll quickly learn just by watching experts. It is really important to be knowledgeable with the thing you are interested in like in poker before you give it a try. Losing is a part of the game and that is common when you are just a beginner. With constant playing and watching of televised poker games on what casino game has the best odds for a payout, you will definitely be at your peak in just a short span of time.



Becoming a Professional Poker Player

GSN’s High Stakes Poker is just one of the many poker game shows that made people think its possible to become a professional poker player. Most people watch this card game on their television because they want to become a professional player someday. Would you think it is too ambitious? Well, not really but what is impossible is to become a skilled player overnight. If you really want to have a hot hand on the table then the first thing you should do is watch as many poker games as you can. You should watch first how the professionals do it before you engage yourself in a round of poker. Playing poker is not only about winning the game. You should not engross yourself too much with your cards only. Once you watch High Stakes Poker of GSN, you will see that the players are not playing by the book. They are taking their time to unravel the game plan of other players. You need to be consistent all the time but not to the extent that you are being too predictable. Watch how professionals do it over and over again and you will pick up their game style in no time.

Steps To Becoming A Professional Poker Player

One name that may sound familiar to you is Gus Hansen. He joined GSN’s High Stakes Poker and he is best remembered with his quads that beaten Daniel Negreanu’s full house. He got a big deal of money out of that close game. He is without a doubt one of the most popular professional poker players worldwide. His game plan is always to be aggressive even if his cards are not really that good. Gus’ consistency makes him very hard to read, which often times gives him the edge. Daniel Negreanu may have lost to Gus Hansen in one of their meetings in High Stakes Poker at GSN’s network but this guy is also someone to watch out for. This guy is very patient and even more than willing to lose rounds just to find out how the strategy of the other players. However, his strategy does not work all the time especially if the bet is pretty big. Nevertheless, you can give this a try if the bet is just small. In this way, you can find out if your opponent is just bluffing or not. There is no harm in trying but it is still advisable to use good judgment even if this is just a game, after all your money is at stake here.

Tips For Becoming A Professional Poker Player

Even if you already know tidbits of how professional players work on the poker table this is still not enough to call yourself a skilled player. Watching televised poker games is still the best way to hone your skills and GSN got it. Their High Stakes Poker program includes some of the best poker players in the world, which guarantee to give you additional tricks to perfect your skills. Nothing can beat playing the game itself to know if you have already improved. With these two things, you will be unbeatable in poker in no time.



Rebuy Tournament Guidelines

Most online tournaments offer some type of rebuy back into the competition. A rebuy is where players continue to play (even after they are knocked out) in a tournament by paying the rebuy fee which gives them a fresh stack of chips. For those players that continue to rebuy, a dilemma arises.

The Dilemma

As players rebuy numerous times into the competition, their chances of winning decrease significantly. They will end up spending more than needed without any assurance of winning. As a result, it is difficult to calculate the proper number of rebuys.

Freeroll Tournaments

Most online gaming sites offer daily, weekly or monthly freeroll tournaments in which there is no entry fee. However, there is almost always a rebuy fee. The most advantageous move for a freeroll is to play with the first set of chips and if you lose, don’t rebuy. If the player has the means and is committed to rebuying, they should have a pre-determine number of buy-ins and then quit.

A Strategic Myth

One strategy commonly used in tournaments is to fix a specific score which will allow the player to jump into the leader board once this score is acquired. This is incorrect since the leader board is constantly changing positions so a fixed score may not be accurate later. Also, the player’s bankroll is overlooked when utilizing this strategy. To determine the number of rebuys, the availability of funds to buy back in is the most important decision-making factor.

One Exception

Sometimes there are instances where looking at the player’s board is beneficial in deciding whether or not to rebuy. For instance, if the leader reaches a point where it would be next to impossible to break into the prize pool due to the score, its best to simply save your money for other tournaments by not buying back in.

A Solid Strategy

A good rule to follow is limit yourself to only 5 to 10 rebuys per tournament. If 5 significantly diminishes your bankroll then plan for fewer. A considerably larger bankroll with a significant prize should rebuy an upwards of 10 times. Just remember not to exceed the weekly betting budget and decide on the maximum number of rebuys prior to player registration. Tournament rebuys can be a successful method of entering the prize pool; however they must be used sparingly. Always have a plan prior to the beginning of the tournament, that way you will hit your mark and potentially make a profit.



High Stakes Poker

Do you think you really have the lucky hands to win a poker tournament? You might as well check out GSN’s High Stakes Poker first. It is a poker game televised over a cable television network, which is GSN in the U.S. This show first aired on January of 2006 and it is currently in its 5th season already. Three years has already passed but High Stakes Poker and skilled poker players just keep on rolling in the money. Looks like this will stay on air for a few more years since there are a lot of people who are into this addictive game. The format of High Stakes Poker is different from other poker television programs you might have already seen. This is not a tournament instead a high stakes cash game. The former is played with chips that are worth nothing after the tournament and there is only one player left here, the winner. In contrast to that, High Stakes Poker is played with real chips that you can cash out anytime you want. The minimum buy-in for this game is US$100,000 and it even went as high as US$500,000 during the fourth season. This only means that a big amount of money is involved in this television game show.

High Stakes Online Poker

In playing a high stakes poker game like this, you should not only have bundles of big bucks but as well as the perfect strategy, that could make you outlive all the players in the table. This game is really serious in all ways. Cash is going in and out of your pocket in just a matter of minutes or even just by seconds. High Stakes Poker only befits those who have a strong heart and solid confidence to bet a huge amount of money. Besides this game does not solely rely on your cards, you need to bluff too once in a while. Ever since this poker program started, many professional poker players as well as amateurs have joined. If not for the executive producer of the show, Henry Orenstein, never in your life would you see an exciting show like this. If not for his ingenious mind, people’s favorite pastime or vice for some will just remain as an ordinary card game. Since poker has no fixed end time, the people behind High Stakes Poker decided to trim down the long hours of actual game play to just thirteen episodes. They even admitted that the players are paid over a thousand dollars every hour just to participate. Well, they can consider that as a bonus already.

HighstakesDB – High Stakes Poker

GSN definitely did a great move when they decided to air High Stakes Poker in their network. Almost everyone is so into poker nowadays, which only means that most of them are always anticipating this show. This is a great form of entertainment and can be very educational for some. For people who want to get new strategies that they can use in their game plan. High Stakes Poker is not only for diversion purpose it also imparts valuable tricks and tips for poker fanatics out there.



Online Slots Explained

Many seasoned players consider online slots to be the easiest casino game to play, but people that have never played a slot before can easily be confused by a slot games many buttons, betting options, symbols and combinations. Once youve mastered these four main features youll have no trouble transitioning between slots titles.

Slot Buttons

Regardless of whether youre playing live or online slots, a classic three-reel machine or a multi-line video slot, the buttons used are much the same if not identical from one slot to the next. Virtually every slot machine has these buttons: Bet One, Bet Max, Spin and Cash Out. The buttons are pretty self-explanatory. Multi-line slots have more betting buttons; the top row will determine the number of lines you are betting on and the bottom will be your wager per line. Hitting the Bet Max button automatically makes the maximum wager. If you want to repeat your last bet, just hit the spin button. This button is also often used to activate a bonus. When youre ready to leave, or if you want to withdraw a big win, just hit the Cash Out button. Some slots also have special bonus buttons.

Slot Betting Options

As mentioned above, youll have the option of choosing how many lines you want to bet on and how much you want to bet per line. Classic three-reel slots have only one payline, and thus you will likely only be able to bet a few credits per spin. Multi-line slots may have 20 or more paylines, which means that you could be betting hundreds of credits per spin. Check the bet window to see what your current wager is. If you accidentally bet too much on a spin, dont panic! You can change your bet quickly and easily after every spin check out how at the netent slots at .

Slot Symbols and Combinations

Each slot game has its own unique set of symbols, though many classic symbols are repeated across several different titles. Wild symbols may act as any symbol necessary to complete a combination while multipliers can increase the value of an existing combination and bonus symbols can trigger a special in-game bonus. To find out what each symbol and/or combination of symbols is worth, simply check your games paytable. The paytable also explains how to earn and win bonus games. Dont worry about memorizing the payouts, though – most slot games automatically draw a line through combinations, making it easy for new players to see how they won.


Texas Holdem

The Kicker in Texas Holdem

Do not underestimate the value of the kicker in Texas Holdem Poker. It may mean the difference between winning or losing. You will be surprised to find out how many times a Texas Holdem hand comes down to a tie with the kicker as the tie breaker. Suppose you are dealt Ad,Js. The flop comes and flips a 5d,5h,Ac. You now have two pair. You don’t see anybody wildly betting and suspect that no one has another five in the pocket. The Aces over Fives two pair look like they may be good. But being a smart poker player you bet cautiously because you know that a Three of a Kind or even a Full House could be out there. The pot is small and there is only one guy betting. You call all the way to the river. You now have Ad,Js 5d,5h,Ac,2d,6c. The six of clubs on the River does not help anybody and by now it is only you and one other guy in the pot. You bet, he raises, you call. When he flips over his pocket cards you heart drops down into your shoes. He was playing along with Big Slick. His King beats your Jack kicker all to hell.

The Kicker Is King Even If It’s Not

Only the very inexperienced do not take the kicker into consideration when assesing the value of the hand. While you may live or die on the River you kicker can put a knife in your heart fast. The one and only time that you need not worry about your kicker is if you have flopped four of a kind. If you have four deuces and a trey kicker you are going to win the hand the greatest percentage of the time, by far. That is why you do not waste time and money playing suited hands like 8d,2d The eight is essentially your kicker in the flush draw. Even if you ignore the odds that over 90% of the time you will not end up with a flush by the end of the hand. Some poker player luckier than you may have come in with an 9d,3d You loose.

Aces and Eights Is The Dead Man’s hand In More Than One Way

Forgetting the romance of The legendary Wild Bill Hickcock. Aces and Eights may well be your Dead Man’s Hand simple because it can be easily matched and beaten by a kicker.



Are You Betting Too Modestly at Poker Table?

How you place your bets is just as important as how you play the game at the poker table. While you may break even, or make it out ahead, if you are overly cautious with your bets, you could be costing yourself a lot of wins. While being too aggressive can run you through your entire bankroll before the poker game is over, being too modest with your bets can take the thrill and the wins out of the game. Take a look at your betting style and see if you are being too modest at the table.

Are Your Bets too Modest?

If you think you have a good hand, do you raise? Modest betters are hesitant to raise, even if they are pretty sure they are holding a good poker hand. They are too afraid of loosing both their ante and their raise that they shy away from the potential wins. A better strategy is to raise a good hand, but raise it cautiously. Do not bet more then you can afford to loose. If your first deal is a bad hand, but you can turn it around, do you fold? Modest betters are quick to fold, sometimes too quick. While you shouldn’t play a hand you are certain is going to be a loser, you shouldn’t be too quick to fold either. Poker is about taking risks, and sometimes you have to wait for the second draw to see how a hand turns out. If another player tries to out bet you, do you fold? While a poker player should never price himself or herself out of a hand, modest betters will often feel too much pressure when another player starts to raise. If you know you are holding a high card hand, get in a competitive mode and match that player raise for raise.

Do you avoid higher stakes poker games?

No player should join a table with stakes higher then their bankroll can reasonable afford, but modest betters often avoid those high stakes tables regardless. If you have a good skill for the game, and the bankroll to handle it, why not join a high stakes table every once in awhile? Higher stakes can mean bigger wins and more excitement. You should never bet more aggressively then your bankroll can handle, but being too modest at the poker table takes a lot of the thrill out of the game. Try easing yourself in to being less cautious with your money, you may be surprised at how much fun you have, and how much you win.



Proper Bankroll Management

No one can escape the volatility of the game of poker. No one is excused from it. Poker can be a roller coaster ride with unpredictable swings of fortunes. One time you can be winning and the next moment you are on a downhill. You need to keep tract of these so you can better manage your bank roll. Keeping records is essential not only when you gain more money after a game but also whenever your bankroll diminishes. Your records of wins against losses will help you determine where you can be in the long run. Record keeping should reflect an honest history of your games. You need to take note of the number of games played, stakes, number of hours you played, and the amount of money you lost or won.

Bankroll Management Blackjack

Record keeping is pretty simple and is a good representation of how your bankroll has been going up or down . After recording a good amount of data, you will be able to see that one game will not really affect the bottom line of your bankroll. A good record will also be needed in case you decide to make poker poker your way of living as you need it for tax purposes later on. Record keeping can also be more detailed. You can maintain separate records of the different card games play or sport games you bet on. The more info you jot down the more valuable it will become when you analyze your results and its effects on your bankroll. Remember, when you gamble, be it recreational or not, it is crucial to know where you money is coming from and where it is going to. Monitor the games that you play, the amount of money you put into risk, your winnings and losses per hour, and other factors which you need to record so you can make sure that you are still playing well within your means.

Proper Money Management

Poker is a great casino game which will make you earn pots of money if you ensure that you make the right move at the right time. Earning money is easy in poker but managing your money in a resourceful manner is difficult. Most of the players earn money but very few can manage their account. Effectively managing the bankroll is a must if you want to amass large sums of money. Many Poker players are often broke in their gaming career. It is a common occurrence. Like a coin has two sides to it winning and losing happens all the while in the game of poker. A winning hand is important but more than that a winning strategy would help you sail through difficult situations in the game as well. There are various reasons for poker players to be broke. All players should be aware of their betting limits. You should be measuring your present bankroll in terms of big bets. Avoid consuming too much alcohol. A clear head is the best way to gamble within limits. For example if you have bank roll of $1000 and you are betting  $5-8 limit you know that you possess a bankroll for 100 odd bets. Winning and losing money would happen all the time while playing poker. While you are winning all the money accumulates in the bankroll and when you are on a losing streak you should not lose all your money by betting recklessly. The greed to earn more will make you lose more money. You should be able to make a comeback after losing games by effectively shaping your playing strategy and betting in a conservative and aggressive manner.



Is Online Poker Legal in the US?

There are a lot of people in the US who would love to play online poker; unfortunately this is not possible for most. Recently the government shutdown most of the top online poker sites. The assumption is that this was because online gambling is illegal in the US; this in fact may not be the case. The law is actually quite complicated so it can be hard to know what is and what is not illegal.

Online Poker Laws

Most people assume that online poker is illegal in the United States and based on the actions of the government it is easy to see why. That being said the laws are far from clear on just what is and is not legal. Therefore it is important to do some research to find out what the laws are exactly and how they apply to you before you decide whether or not you are going to play poker online. The first thing that you have to understand about the legality of online poker is that it is not in fact the federal government that determines whether you are allowed to gamble or not it is your state government. Some states allow it others don’t, if you live in a state that allows gambling then in theory you are allowed to play online poker. We say that you are allowed to play online poker in theory because although you are allowed to play the question is whether or not any casino is allowed to accept you as a player. In 2006 a law was passed that made it illegal for financial institutions to transfer funds to illegal online casinos. This created a great deal of confusion since it was not clear whether any online casinos were legal or not.

Federal Shutdown

In 2010 the federal government shut down a large number of online casinos including almost all of the most popular poker sites and they have charged the owners with committing a crime. Whether or not they are actually guilty of a crime has yet to be determined as trials are pending. The sites were shut down because the government had passed laws that did make it illegal to run an online casino although again the interpretation of these laws remains unclear. Whether or not online poker is legal in the US is something that the courts will still have to decide, what is clear however is that the federal government want to put a stop to it. That means that even if you live in a place where you are allowed to gamble you likely will not be able to play online. This is less of a legal issue than it is an issue of practicality. The government have gone to great lengths to make it very difficult to online casinos to accept American players which has all but forced them to shut down.