How you place your bets is just as important as how you play the game at the poker table. While you may break even, or make it out ahead, if you are overly cautious with your bets, you could be costing yourself a lot of wins. While being too aggressive can run you through your entire bankroll before the poker game is over, being too modest with your bets can take the thrill and the wins out of the game. Take a look at your betting style and see if you are being too modest at the table.

Are Your Bets too Modest?

If you think you have a good hand, do you raise? Modest betters are hesitant to raise, even if they are pretty sure they are holding a good poker hand. They are too afraid of loosing both their ante and their raise that they shy away from the potential wins. A better strategy is to raise a good hand, but raise it cautiously. Do not bet more then you can afford to loose. If your first deal is a bad hand, but you can turn it around, do you fold? Modest betters are quick to fold, sometimes too quick. While you shouldn’t play a hand you are certain is going to be a loser, you shouldn’t be too quick to fold either. Poker is about taking risks, and sometimes you have to wait for the second draw to see how a hand turns out. If another player tries to out bet you, do you fold? While a poker player should never price himself or herself out of a hand, modest betters will often feel too much pressure when another player starts to raise. If you know you are holding a high card hand, get in a competitive mode and match that player raise for raise.

Do you avoid higher stakes poker games?

No player should join a table with stakes higher then their bankroll can reasonable afford, but modest betters often avoid those high stakes tables regardless. If you have a good skill for the game, and the bankroll to handle it, why not join a high stakes table every once in awhile? Higher stakes can mean bigger wins and more excitement. You should never bet more aggressively then your bankroll can handle, but being too modest at the poker table takes a lot of the thrill out of the game. Try easing yourself in to being less cautious with your money, you may be surprised at how much fun you have, and how much you win.