We have a thing for casino chips! ‘Nuff said! Here’s a hurriedly compiled list of chip facts for your Vegas cravings.

  • Checks or “cheques” are other names for chips.
  • According to Nevada law, casino chips must have a diameter of 1.55 inches (for chips used in games other than baccarat). They can be either 1.55 inches (Baccarat) or 1.6875 inches (Baccarat).
  • The thickness of Las Vegas casino chips must be.130 inches.
  • Chips must also be “disk-shaped,” following gaming laws.
  • Kitty litter is made of sand, chalk, clay, and chips.
  • When it comes to gambling, chips are more popular than cash. It’s chipped, not money!
  • The design of each casino’s chips is distinctive.

A chip’s worth can be reflected in its color. White, red, green, and black are the most common colors.

Chip denominations are often referred to by their color, which is common. The “Barney,” a $500 purple chip, is so named because it is purple. “Bananas” or “canaries” or “bumblebees” (orange chips are “pumpkins” in some casinos) are the names given to $1,000 worth of yellow chips. In poker, a “flag” is a $5000 chip (red, white, and blue). Twenty-five thousand “melons” are worth that much money, and “Cranberries” is what they’re called at Bellagio.

Customers have 120 days from the date of closure to use their chips, and they’re out of luck after that.

Among the several classifications used by chip collectors, there are new (N), slightly used (“SU”), “average,” “WU,” “poor,” “Canceled or modified (“Can/Mod”), and damaged (“D”) (Dam).

Numismatics, the study or collection of currency, includes casino chip collecting (coins, tokens, paper money, and related objects). To be more precise, chip collecting falls under the umbrella term of “exonumia,” which refers to numismatics’ study of non-legal money goods.

The most valuable chips were blue in the late 1800s. “Blue-chip stocks” derives from this.

RFID technology is one of the security features incorporated into gambling chips. RFID tags embedded in high-value chips broadcast unique identifiers via radio frequencies. Radical Frequency Identification (RFID) Tracking and monitoring of play and the prevention of theft are all possible benefits of RFID tags. When a thug robbed the Bellagio, the casino’s RFID chips rendered worthless his $1.5 million in chips.

In roulette, “capping” refers to adding more chips to your wager after a specific result, such as when the ball lands in a particular pocket. Pinching removes fragments from a surface and is referred to as “stupid.”

In addition, here’s a fun fact about chips: Catch 21’s “Power Chip” is the name given to a chip made popular by the show. We should have known, and we appeared on a television show and won $5,000.