Do you think you really have the lucky hands to win a poker tournament? You might as well check out GSN’s High Stakes Poker first. It is a poker game televised over a cable television network, which is GSN in the U.S. This show first aired on January of 2006 and it is currently in its 5th season already. Three years has already passed but High Stakes Poker and skilled poker players just keep on rolling in the money. Looks like this will stay on air for a few more years since there are a lot of people who are into this addictive game. The format of High Stakes Poker is different from other poker television programs you might have already seen. This is not a tournament instead a high stakes cash game. The former is played with chips that are worth nothing after the tournament and there is only one player left here, the winner. In contrast to that, High Stakes Poker is played with real chips that you can cash out anytime you want. The minimum buy-in for this game is US$100,000 and it even went as high as US$500,000 during the fourth season. This only means that a big amount of money is involved in this television game show.

High Stakes Online Poker

In playing a high stakes poker game like this, you should not only have bundles of big bucks but as well as the perfect strategy, that could make you outlive all the players in the table. This game is really serious in all ways. Cash is going in and out of your pocket in just a matter of minutes or even just by seconds. High Stakes Poker only befits those who have a strong heart and solid confidence to bet a huge amount of money. Besides this game does not solely rely on your cards, you need to bluff too once in a while. Ever since this poker program started, many professional poker players as well as amateurs have joined. If not for the executive producer of the show, Henry Orenstein, never in your life would you see an exciting show like this. If not for his ingenious mind, people’s favorite pastime or vice for some will just remain as an ordinary card game. Since poker has no fixed end time, the people behind High Stakes Poker decided to trim down the long hours of actual game play to just thirteen episodes. They even admitted that the players are paid over a thousand dollars every hour just to participate. Well, they can consider that as a bonus already.

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GSN definitely did a great move when they decided to air High Stakes Poker in their network. Almost everyone is so into poker nowadays, which only means that most of them are always anticipating this show. This is a great form of entertainment and can be very educational for some. For people who want to get new strategies that they can use in their game plan. High Stakes Poker is not only for diversion purpose it also imparts valuable tricks and tips for poker fanatics out there.