Many seasoned players consider online slots to be the easiest casino game to play at, but people that have never played a slot before can easily be confused by a slot games many buttons, betting options, symbols and combinations. Once youve mastered these four main features youll have no trouble transitioning between slots titles.

Slot Buttons

Regardless of whether youre playing live or online slots, a classic three-reel machine or a multi-line video slot, the buttons used are much the same if not identical from one slot to the next. Virtually every slot machine has these buttons: Bet One, Bet Max, Spin and Cash Out. The buttons are pretty self-explanatory. Multi-line slots have more betting buttons; the top row will determine the number of lines you are betting on and the bottom will be your wager per line. Hitting the Bet Max button automatically makes the maximum wager. If you want to repeat your last bet, just hit the spin button. This button is also often used to activate a bonus. When youre ready to leave, or if you want to withdraw a big win, just hit the Cash Out button. Some slots also have special bonus buttons.

Slot Betting Options

As mentioned above, youll have the option of choosing how many lines you want to bet on and how much you want to bet per line. Classic three-reel slots have only one payline, and thus you will likely only be able to bet a few credits per spin. Multi-line slots may have 20 or more paylines, which means that you could be betting hundreds of credits per spin. Check the bet window to see what your current wager is. If you accidentally bet too much on a spin, dont panic! You can change your bet quickly and easily after every spin check out how at the netent slots at .

Slot Symbols and Combinations

Each slot game has its own unique set of symbols, though many classic symbols are repeated across several different titles. Wild symbols may act as any symbol necessary to complete a combination while multipliers can increase the value of an existing combination and bonus symbols can trigger a special in-game bonus. To find out what each symbol and/or combination of symbols is worth, simply check your games paytable. The paytable also explains how to earn and win bonus games. Dont worry about memorizing the payouts, though – most slot games automatically draw a line through combinations, making it easy for new players to see how they won.