No one can escape the volatility of the game of poker. No one is excused from it. Poker can be a roller coaster ride with unpredictable swings of fortunes. One time you can be winning and the next moment you are on a downhill. You need to keep tract of these so you can better manage your bank roll. Keeping records is essential not only when you gain more money after a game but also whenever your bankroll diminishes. Your records of wins against losses will help you determine where you can be in the long run. Record keeping should reflect an honest history of your games. You need to take note of the number of games played, stakes, number of hours you played, and the amount of money you lost or won.

Bankroll Management Blackjack

Record keeping is pretty simple and is a good representation of how your bankroll has been going up or down . After recording a good amount of data, you will be able to see that one game will not really affect the bottom line of your bankroll. A good record will also be needed in case you decide to make poker poker your way of living as you need it for tax purposes later on. Record keeping can also be more detailed. You can maintain separate records of the different card games play or sport games you bet on. The more info you jot down the more valuable it will become when you analyze your results and its effects on your bankroll. Remember, when you gamble, be it recreational or not, it is crucial to know where you money is coming from and where it is going to. Monitor the games that you play, the amount of money you put into risk, your winnings and losses per hour, and other factors which you need to record so you can make sure that you are still playing well within your means.

Proper Money Management

Poker is a great casino game which will make you earn pots of money if you ensure that you make the right move at the right time. Earning money is easy in poker but managing your money in a resourceful manner is difficult. Most of the players earn money but very few can manage their account. Effectively managing the bankroll is a must if you want to amass large sums of money. Many Poker players are often broke in their gaming career. It is a common occurrence. Like a coin has two sides to it winning and losing happens all the while in the game of poker. A winning hand is important but more than that a winning strategy would help you sail through difficult situations in the game as well. There are various reasons for poker players to be broke. All players should be aware of their betting limits. You should be measuring your present bankroll in terms of big bets. Avoid consuming too much alcohol. A clear head is the best way to gamble within limits. For example if you have bank roll of $1000 and you are betting  $5-8 limit you know that you possess a bankroll for 100 odd bets. Winning and losing money would happen all the time while playing poker. While you are winning all the money accumulates in the bankroll and when you are on a losing streak you should not lose all your money by betting recklessly. The greed to earn more will make you lose more money. You should be able to make a comeback after losing games by effectively shaping your playing strategy and betting in a conservative and aggressive manner.