Most online tournaments offer some type of rebuy back into the competition. A rebuy is where players continue to play (even after they are knocked out) in a tournament by paying the rebuy fee which gives them a fresh stack of chips. For those players that continue to rebuy, a dilemma arises.

The Dilemma

As players rebuy numerous times into the competition, their chances of winning decrease significantly. They will end up spending more than needed without any assurance of winning. As a result, it is difficult to calculate the proper number of rebuys.

Freeroll Tournaments

Most online gaming sites offer daily, weekly or monthly freeroll tournaments in which there is no entry fee. However, there is almost always a rebuy fee. The most advantageous move for a freeroll is to play with the first set of chips and if you lose, don’t rebuy. If the player has the means and is committed to rebuying, they should have a pre-determine number of buy-ins and then quit.

A Strategic Myth

One strategy commonly used in tournaments is to fix a specific score which will allow the player to jump into the leader board once this score is acquired. This is incorrect since the leader board is constantly changing positions so a fixed score may not be accurate later. Also, the player’s bankroll is overlooked when utilizing this strategy. To determine the number of rebuys, the availability of funds to buy back in is the most important decision-making factor.

One Exception

Sometimes there are instances where looking at the player’s board is beneficial in deciding whether or not to rebuy. For instance, if the leader reaches a point where it would be next to impossible to break into the prize pool due to the score, its best to simply save your money for other tournaments by not buying back in.

A Solid Strategy

A good rule to follow is limit yourself to only 5 to 10 rebuys per tournament. If 5 significantly diminishes your bankroll then plan for fewer. A considerably larger bankroll with a significant prize should rebuy an upwards of 10 times. Just remember not to exceed the weekly betting budget and decide on the maximum number of rebuys prior to player registration. Tournament rebuys can be a successful method of entering the prize pool; however they must be used sparingly. Always have a plan prior to the beginning of the tournament, that way you will hit your mark and potentially make a profit.