Although the house has an edge in online roulette, as in all games, there are specific moves which will save you a few bets during game play. These bets can lower the house edge and give you a higher winning percentage. Since there are several betting patterns found in the ibet online game, players can break the monotony by switching to different wagers. The benefit is the various patterns offer similar house edges.

The Simple Patterns

The simplest patterns are betting on a single spot, betting on a color, or wagering on a column. In this case, the player simply places a bet on one area of the board and waits for the results. There is usually no strategy in these bets as the player is wagering based on a feeling.

More Complicated Patterns

Most players prefer to engage in more complicated betting patterns. Some wager on the digits in their telephone number. These are a combination of simple patterns that extend coverage to many numbers. Also, they are neighbor bets to win in many areas.

Saving Bets

Online roulette games offer a way for players to save bets. Online gaming software providers offer different variants of Roulette with different bet-saving procedures. One example is offered by Microgaming Software. The player must first go into expert mode by click the EXPERT button. The bottom toolbar will display eight numbered buttons. By click the EDIT button, the player will be transported to the bet-saving area. Click GET TABLE BETS to transfer a current wager to this layout. If the player wants to place a $1 wager on their 10-digit phone number, they place the bet on the numbers and click SAVE LAYOUT. Clicking the NEXT button will reveal an updated layout. For neighbor bets, simply click the button next to the number of neighbors they want to select. Then click ADD TO LAYOUT and choose a denomination. This betting pattern can then be saved. To return to the action, click BACK TO GAME. Microgaming software allows many features, such as saving a bet, not found with several other online software providers. This method will allow the player to save betting templates for later use which can give you a better edge once you develop specific patterns. This is a feature that more software providers should add to their software. It is an extremely helpful function for the player throughout the game.